You are now entering a world from which you will never return...

... You may choose to embrace it, or fight it, but you cannot change it...


Hi there! My name's Mari.
I'm a 28-year-old person living in the US. He/She/They are all acceptable pronouns to use when referring to me.
I've been fictionkin for about six and a half years now. Fictotypes are listed here. I am very doubles friendly and am always interested in learning more about other iterations of ""me""! <3
I am asexual and monogamous (taken). In the future, I'd like to become a computer repair-person, or cybersecurity.
I have mental illness that interferes with my attention span, as well as my emotional regularity. I also work full-time. If I stop speaking to you suddenly, it's not you! I probably got distracted by something.
Things I enjoy:
▪ Technology
▪ Art
▪ Baking
▪ Music
▪ Video Games (esp. of the rhythm and sandbox variety. I love anything Nintendo for the most part.)
▪ True Crime Documentaries
▪ Wasting my life on the internet!
I do not enjoy arguing with people about political topics and discourse. Arguing with people genuinely triggers my mental illness. Please do not come to me with either of these things, or you will likely be blocked. It isn't that I don't care, because I very much do, and that is the problem. It is unhealthy for me to engage with topics like those, because I get very self-destructive over 'not doing enough'.
I am also typically sex repulsed. Jokes and innuendo are perfectly fine! I simply ask that you do not attempt to engage in conversation with me about serious sexual topics unless I am giving you explicit consent.
Please respect these boundaries.

but dick jokes are funny i love those

▪ Frisk (Undertale)
▪ Peeesh (UKSRTX)
▪ Futaba Sakura (Persona 5)
Other Kintypes
▪ Bakeneko (Japanese Mythology)
▪ Chiaki Nanami (SDR2)
▪ Umaru Doma (Himouto! Umaru-Chan)
▪ Kobolds
▪ Care (Petscop)
▪ ENA (Extinction Party)

▪ Q&A ▪

Q: What do you consider being 'fictionkin' to be?A: I believe that being fictionkin with someone means that you believe you were literally them in a past life. I do not believe I am Literally Frisk Undertale right now in this life. I do not believe I have superpowers. I do not believe that people like me will magically get their lost powers back. I simply believe I was them then, and they are the sum of my parts now. Realizing that I've lived multiple lives has solved questions I've had about myself for a very long time.
Q: Where's your triggers/blacklist/DNI?
A: All I ask is that you don't talk to me about serious sexual things without my consent first, and to not to try to debate with me about politics or discourse! Everything else is game.--Q: Should I call you by your kintype's names?A: Nah, just call me Mari.
Q: Should I treat you like your kintypes?
A: No.--
Q: Are you roleplaying?
A: No.
Q: Are you pro-(debate topic) or anti(debate topic)??
A: Neither! Not everything is 100% black and white. I absolutely cannot stand how people on the internet are pressured to pick a side and stick to every single thing their group says. I have mixed opinions about things because I am a multifaceted person with many lived experiences. People will read this and go 'oh Mari is probably a (opposite of what they think is morally correct)', and honestly? That's fine if you do! It keeps me far, far away from people who will try to force me into a box.Obviously, by this I don't mean that I'm against basic human rights. I believe that everyone, regardless of skin color, religon, sexuality, gender, ANYTHING that people are born with, should be treated with equity.
Q: You can't be from a work of fiction!
A: I don't believe that I came straight out a work of fiction. I believe in the multiverse theory, and I also believe in reincarnation. I don't think the worlds that I remember being from were exactly like the ones portrayed in media. I think they're very, very similar, but not exact.--
Q: I don't like fictionkin! / You're delusional!
A: Ok! You're free to say that, just like I'm free to believe what I believe in. I know my beliefs aren't exactly conventional, and that to people on the outside of the community, things like being fictionkin seem like obsession and delusion (which there is nothing inherently wrong with, it's just not me). Fact of the matter is, when I confirm a kintype, I get extremely nervous to even look at the source I'm supposedly from, let alone obsess and dwell over it.I'm not here to make you believe me. All I ask for is the respect you'd give anyone else!
Q: You're not the real [insert character here], I am! / You're just a double, I'm the real [insert character here]!


Music is super important to me. My music taste also happens to be like blindly throwing knives at a dartboard.
Music was also super relevant to me in my life as the peepee poopoo man Peeesh, so there's a playlist dedicated to that whole can of worms, too.